I want to offer hosting for people who want it. Mostly TCGs and TCG trade posts, but other stuff as well. This is VERY informal and not structured at all, and this is my first time hosting stuff, so bear with me.

Rules & Guidelines

  • Do not host viruses or illegal stuff. Artful nudity would be fine but porn I would not be comfortable hosting. While we're on this topic, please absolutely no sexual stuff about minors, thank you!
  • Log-in credentials are for you and yourself only. If I find out you've shared them with someone who isn't a member of your immediate family (heck, my husband knows mine although he does nothing with the site) or helping you with coding, I have the right to cancel your hosting immediately.
  • Try to remain active. I'm not going to enforce hard rules but at around six months of inactivity I'll start poking you via email.
  • Need a longer break, a full-on sabbatical? Let me know!
  • I don't do back-ups regularly, especially not of your own files. I might set up a database back-up system, but keeping back-ups of your files is your responsibility.
  • If I ever decided to quit hosting or not renew the domain, I will make sure to let you know.
  • I would appreciate a link to somewhere on your site but I'm not going to require it. What I am going to require is referring to me by the pronouns he/him or they/them.

What Do You Get?

  • One subdomain with a url you get to choose, yay! They're, you get to choose anything to replace the "you" part.
  • One MySQL database.
  • One email address that you get to choose, yay! They're all, you get to choose anything to replace the "you" part.
  • eTCG for trade posts, MyTCG for TCGs if you need me to.
  • ME. I'll help with coding (I know HTML and CSS and am familiar with Bootstrap and somewhat familiar with PHP). I also have Photoshop and Illustrator, so small graphics things can be done by me if you'd like.

If you want to host both a TCG and a trade post, you will obviously get two subdomains, two databases and two email addresses.

Next Steps

Fill out the linked Google form and send it. Allow me seven days to go through it. If I don't reply, please contact me via Discord petrichor#7876 or email naava[at] Alternatively, if you can't fill out the form, please contact me via email.

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